my love affair with june

What is one to say about June, the time of perfect young summer, the fulfillment of the promise of the earlier months, and with as yet no sign to remind one that its fresh young beauty will ever fade.      Gertrude Jekyll

Welcome June! One of my very favorite months!

When we are children, June is a doorway we can’t wait to burst through. We trade uniforms, tassels and alarm clocks for bare feet, beaches and endless games with friends in late night air.

June is a broken hour glass to young adults. Discovered after work, when the dropping sand of daylight begins to slow down. Friends forget their watches and gather, some fall in love. Dinner is al fresco with memorable music. Dessert is eaten slowly, bite by bite until someone notices the fireflies are out, as they softly blink and disappear into the quiet constellations of a starry night.

Middle age and June is the moonlit garden of early summer we can’t wait to step into. Plates are clinking, there is the low murmur of conversation, and twilight takes it’s sweet time. Under the tiki torches and strung up lights we dream out loud with our friends in anticipation of summer – the adventures, the cold salads, the slowed down freedom of the forever days. We wear our flip flops and sandals and notice how the soft grass wakes up even our baby toes.

I’ve noticed the older ones tend June with the loving attention of an artist rendering a masterpiece, I think it’s because they know the most about doorways, hourglasses and gardens. They seem to be the ones who coined the phrase ‘take your sweet time’ because they know better than anyone how to savor a moment. They point out the colors of the garden as blissful, and they always have morals and stories about the fireflies. They like to study the possibility of a doorway, before rushing through. For them, June dusk is a bubbly, effervescent poem blown in on the breeze, ruffling the curtains.

I love June, I love being in June everyday and every moment. The days, the nights – heaven on Earth! How lucky I am to walk and talk in June! How lucky are we for the reminder to…

Go Play Outside by Katie Daisy
Go Play Outside – vertical print from Etsy

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