’twas the night before fitness

‘Twas the night before fitness and all through the house,

not a snack to be found, not even for a mouse.

The measurements were hung by the fridge with care

in hopes of losing the ‘tire of spare’.

The SMART plan was snuggled deep in my head

and now, it was time… for the pounds to be shed.

When spring time emerged with the birds all a clatter

I jumped from my couch finding – I was a bit fatter.

As I donned my shoes and found my cap,

I decided to walk instead of a nap.

And what to my wandering eyes should appear

but blue sky and flowers, yes, even a deer.

My heart started beating, my muscles felt power,

my bones and my brain said “Let’s go for an hour!”

At the end of the walk, I worked on my core,

some planks, push ups and stretches galore.

I feel so good, my bod a machine –

it’s time for some lunch – I think “make it clean”.

Nothing processed, no sugar, no fat past my lips,

none of this food will stay on my hips!

Day one and I’m pleased, I’ve started anew

I’m in charge of my life again –  so simple, who new?




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