time to make a plan

Here is something I never thought I would say in public, much less to the world via a blog…but, I need to “rearrange” about 5 pounds. Yes, I need to replace, reorganize, reshape 5 pounds of unwanted adipose tissue (which has built up around my middle) with 5 pounds of lean, mean, calorie burning muscle. I’m tired already!

The 30 year old inside my head is jumping up and down right now. She looks forward to the two-hour bouts of outdoor activities this calorie burn has required from the past – hours on a bike trail, sets and sets of tennis or badminton, finding a weight room to get strong and “feel the burn” in my muscles.

While the 50-something year old in my head says “slow down sister…remember that torn achilles tendon you sustained the last time you went all out in a set of competitive tennis? Yup, you were out of commission for 6 months. Then there was the last 4 hour bike ride you completed – the one where you ended up in physical therapy for three months because of a carpal tunnel injury. OK. I get the point. We have to do things differently now.”

Damn aging, makes things more complicated. Well, it sure beats the alternative.

If you want to work with me, the overall goal is to shed/or exchange 1- 2 pounds of body weight per week. I’ll provide two levels of intensity – beginner (use resource below) and intermediate (work at my level). We will reassess in one month.

OK, how will I/you do this? What are my/your goals? (Work with me by rewriting these sentences, replacing my specifics with yours.)

My goal is to lose 5 pounds in one month, by increasing my walk workouts and adding strength and flexibility work to my routine.

Your goal is____________________________________________________________.

Here is a good resource to help determine a beginning level. (You are ready to begin at this level if you have been or are able to walk for two or three 10 minute bouts per day.)

There are three steps I/you will take to do this…

  • If I look at my workouts from the last month, I notice I am walking two miles on most days of the week. This is no longer working as maintenance for me. I need to progressively increase the intensity and duration of my walks – I need to walk farther, faster or maybe walk an additional time during the day. This will increase my calorie burn. (Set your goal here.)
  • I need to include some type of strength and flexibility training 2-3 days a week. (This means some additional stretching, and resistance work) I’m thinking about including some  yoga/pilates exercises. (Set your goal here)
  • I need to monitor the calories in – make better food choices, until I get back on track. I may have to dig out my Livestrong myplate app for a little help. (Set your goal here)

I feel like this is a very attainable  SMART plan. Together, we have one month to achieve our goal.

Before we begin, make sure to take some baseline measurements – step on the scale to find weight and BMI, measure your waist circumference, or check your heart rate while exercising. You can also use a pedometer to take a walk and measure the current amount of steps you get. Monitor your calorie intake for a day or two to see the amount your taking in. Please feel free to comment with tips or questions.

Here we go, on the road with…



2 thoughts on “time to make a plan

  1. I mailed you something last week that doesn’t fit into the plan – sorry! Hope you’ll be able to enjoy it.


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