recapturing those salad days

“…my salad days, / When I was green in judgement, cold in blood…”  said Cleopatra, in Shakespeare’s play Antony and Cleopatra.

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With the expiry of winter finally upon Chicago, the time of salads is upon me. My body is craving bowls of tender new greens, my palate is pining for the subtle flavors of invigorating color, and my senses desire the innocence and honesty of fresh herbs in my food…

I can’t help but wonder….If only Cleopatra had continued eating salads as her main meal throughout life… Would she have been in a cheerier frame of mind? Would she have reconsidered the snake? Was she green in judgement to commit suicide?  Was she cold in blood because they had a bad winter? Could she have sought out more “salad days” perhaps as a new chapter in her life? As I add these thoughts to the multitude of theories that confound her demise, I remind myself to – get back to the point…

when summer dawns, I  swap out  my favorite style of handy-dandy “grab and go” heavy duty carb-loaded nutrient nosh


for something a bit more refined, light and energizing…such as – anything I can mix in with those prepackaged spring greens! (Note to self -we live in a wonderful time!)

Here is one of my favorites – grilled salmon, steamed potatoes and revivifying-ly red grapes. (did I just invent disrespect a word? I do love the way it vibrates into speech.)


I find I am getting more and more creative (or lazy!) –  this is leftover turkey (made with peppers and carrots) meatloaf and beefsteak tomato.


Anything goes with green…more salmon, quinoa and refreshing kiwi.


You’re getting the idea here…I will take whatever is leftover in the fridge and dump it into/onto my bowl of lettuce. Of course, it helps to have some amenable leftovers handy in the fridge.

I really love salads. I feel revitalized after I eat them. I can feel the energy they provide and I could walk for miles. Who’s to say our “salad days” occur only in our youth?


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