the danger of snacks and samples

Winter is over and I find myself in need of some calorie reorganization.

I’m going to start with snacks. I became a snacker this winter.

I blame the brand new “Whole Foods store” in my neighborhood.

Nothing has motivated me more to get out and walk than a trip to visit the exciting and enticing…Whole Foods (exactly 1.3 miles from my house).

“Sounds healthy, active, good for the environment, so why do you blame Whole Foods?” you ask. Because I fell into the rabbit hole that is…free samples.

They have samples all throughout the store. On some of the chilly winter days they even had warm samples! So, the question becomes…

How to shop at Whole Foods without spending your Whole Paycheck! via @Stockpiling Moms

I’ll tell you how…just go for the samples! (Did I just say that? Who am I?)

I am not proud to admit that I have snacked my way through one of the most brutal Chicago winters on record, at a grocery store. I woke up one morning and realized I had developed a bi-weekly pattern. My walks were leading me right to their door, and their produce section – juices and fruit, guac and chips; the snack section – a handful of skinny-pop popcorn here and there; the bakery section – a couple of cookie samples every now and then; once on opening day – a lobster bite w/melted butter (who passes that one up?) and one Saturday (yah, I went on Saturday), a gooey apple pancake offering (I might have had seconds).

This stuff is available all the time – not just on opening weekend! I became like Pavlov’s dog, salivating on the walk to the store.

I realize now, (and coincidently, 5 pounds later) I have become ‘that retired person’ who goes to a store regularly, and eats free snacks for their meals. OMG! What happened to me?

On more than one occasion, I remember that little voice in my head saying…”But, it’s all healthy food.”

Note to self…”A walk to Whole Foods cannot, I repeat – cannot be considered part of a workout.”

There, maybe I fixed myself!!


2 thoughts on “the danger of snacks and samples

  1. When we lived in North Carolina, I sometimes shopped at Whole Foods or met my friend for coffee there. They didn’t have samples like you describe at the Raleigh store. Probably a good thing! The store for samples here is Costco. They even give out alcohol samples.


    1. I’ve noticed samples at Costco – it would be a long, long walk for me and one I hope I never build up to because the Costco snacks look more fun – less healthy!


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