small changes and falling down

The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” Nelson Mandela

I can’t imagine what Mr. Mandela would think if he knew I was using his words for inspiration on a walking blog, or even better – as a catalyst for incentive to find a way back to my healthy habits. I’m hoping a small scale, real life application of this quote wouldn’t upset him too much.

It never fails, every time I get going on the path I want, I will eventually encounter an impediment I didn’t plan for. ¬†Instead of sticking to my plan, I end up reverting back to my old familiar patterns. The safe, easy, comfortable “old way of doing things” continue to keep me from navigating the steps of my goals without unbearable effort. If I don’t have just the right amount of inertia to move past the sticking point, they grab at me, slowing me down until I trip and fall.

Slip, Trip and Fall Accidents: Can I Sue?

Once down, I get mad, I beat myself up for awhile and think of myself as weak and undisciplined, blah-blah-blah. Woe is me, I’ve stumbled onto my own precipitous staircase of sabotage. I’m stuck, in a self-induced funk, a perplexing pity pot, I just can’t find the energy to climb up and out, what will I do now?

Take a breath, take a break, take a moment. Give myself a pep talk – Rome wasn’t built in a day.

I will try again tomorrow, because I want to do this. I will be gentle and kind to myself. I’m not perfect, but I don’t give up. It’s just a slip, a misstep, nothing permanent.

If I miss one day, it’s alright, it’s an exercise lapse, or a food recalculation. If one day turns into one week or one month, then I might need some help getting myself back on track.

There, I feel better already. Giving myself permission to fall down unburdens me, I feel lighter. Did I break anything? My spirit – is it OK? How about my ego? Just a bit of a bruise – won’t get in the way. All I need to do is brush off the negative self-talk and I think I can get back up. I want to try this again. I will try this again. Maybe I’ll make some adjustments this time, go for a smaller change.

That’s it. I tried to do too much too soon. I let go of valuing my health – but only for a short time.

My spirit’s up, and it feels good. I’ll make some small changes for tomorrow. Here I go…I’m moving again! With all due respect…thank you Nelson, for the kind words!

Inspirational Quote: "Failure doesn't come from falling down.  Failure comes from not getting up."


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