uh-oh! time for a kitchen intervention.

Change your walk, change your life! ;-) | via @SparkPeople #funnies #humor #cartoons

There has been a quake in my universe. Not the kind plaguing different parts of the world, but the kind of earth-rumbling feeling only my scale can bring about. As I stepped upon my worthy Withings, the numbers climbed up the scale- “whaaaat”?!! They rattled and shook me to my very core – weight gain. The aftershocks continued as my increased BMI and fat mass confirmed the event. What followed next was a tsunami of self doubt and disbelief…something is wrong, re-measure, re-measure!

It’s true. Somewhere between my relaxing vacation two months ago, (with it’s many hours by the pool) and all the scrumptious southwestern cuisine I sampled with reckless abandon, and the funk-ified mood I’ve been in since returning from the nice hot, arid climate of the painted desert (so aptly named Carefree and Happy Valley), some additional pounds have found a home on me.

In the months since I’ve been back in the Big Windy, (which has been more like the Big “Icy Chill” Windy), I’ve resorted to the coping mechanisms only my stove can provide…homemade stew with biscuits (oh comfort food), warm and satisfying “vanishing (yes they have) oatmeal cookies” loaded with walnuts and raisins (because nothin’ warms a house like cookies in an oven), pasta, pasta and more pasta (because it steams up my kitchen and fights that damn chill). When did the kitchen become my favorite room in the house!

Add to that, the fact that my workouts are a little less intense and probably NOT burning more calories than I am taking in. Mmm-Hmm.

Then there’s the funk. It’s pretty bad when I spend an hour on Pinterest trying to get motivation, pinning stuff to get me going.

Time for an intervention. I’m cleaning out the rubble-no more barriers! Setting a new course with a new plan. Time to re-build this body I live in!

I'm here for all of you if you ever need anybody to talk to! I'm always here for you :) You're amazing! :) xx Lili

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