may humor

May we share some exercise humor? Where better to feel the love and inner laugh than… Pinterest! Thank you Pinterest for the lol’s!


What a good excuse to get a new dog!

Fitness Humor
We hear what we want to hear…
Some Friday fitness humor :)
Here’s to workout buddies everywhere…they have fun no matter what! Does anyone else think Lucy’s in a zone? Is Ethel wearing slippers?
Work out buddies are the best! Miss my work out buddy @Sarah Chintomby Chintomby Pittman Fox
This reminds me of something my brother would do…the look of pride on their faces can’t be beat! Wait a minute, is that my brother?!
I would have loved to really see this
Ahh…the memories…new stability ball – and… face plant!
not with our easy under 20 workouts
I know the feeling Betty!
Betty White's exercise - more likely my exercise as well..
It’s where I’m at today!!!
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