b4peace – empathy and mother teresa

Bloggers for peace challenge – Write a post in the voice of your favorite peacemaker. What if you embodied MLK or Gandhi on your blog? Imagine writing a post in the voice of Bob Marley. What would Mother Teresa blog about? Here goes…


MotherTeresa 094.jpg
Mother Teresa


Today, I learned a good lesson. The poverty of the poor must be hard for them. While looking for a home I walked and walked until my arms and legs ached. I thought how much they must ache in body and soul, looking for a home, food and health. Then the comfort of Loreto (former home) came to tempt me ‘You have only to say the word and all that will be yours again,’ the Tempter kept on saying… Of free choice my God, and out of love for you I desire to remain and do whatever be your Holy will in my regard. I did not let a single tear come.           Mother Teresa

Dear blog, as I think about the words I wrote in yesterday’s diary, I pray to God and meditate in the silence of my walk. It is in the silence of the heart that God speaks. I don’t pray for strength to get through this journey, I pray for acceptance of God’s will.

To know the suffering of others, we must walk with them. It is a simple path. A path of doing simple things with great love.  My calling is to share the suffering of others. To walk in poverty is to know the suffering of others, it is also to know the gifts of giving and receiving.

I will act with love and kindness to those who have lost all hope and faith in life. I will lose myself to understand others. I will walk as the homeless walk.

Earlier today, I met a homeless woman on the street. Exhausted, I took a rest with her. As I sat down next to her, she told me her story…

She was struggling with drug addiction. Recently divorced from someone who beat her up daily, she ran away. With no money and no job, she left her life with only the clothes on her back. She refused to be a burden to her family, determined to sort through her misfortune and shame alone, and on the street. She wouldn’t cause the people she loved most to suffer or worry because of her. In her mind, it was in this act of kindness for her family that she found her joy.

She chose this spot, on this street in Andersonville, because people were kind. As they dropped change into her cup many would actually talk to her, ask her how she was doing. In this bustling neighborhood of young families, she was always impressed by the parents with children who stopped to visit. In other neighborhoods – she was ignored and feared, like a lump of smelly trash on the sidewalk, but not here. Here, they respected her as a member of the block and offered compassion along with what little they had to give. Even if the gift was as small as a conversation.

As she told me her story, she rummaged through the tattered pile of black bags she was sitting on. She pulled out a rumpled box of cookies. Explaining how they were a gift from another homeless person down the street, she said she couldn’t help but notice how pale I looked, she felt I should eat something. Gladly, I took the handful of cookies she offered.

As we ate in silence, I couldn’t help but feel the presence of God in this person. She had renewed my faith. As I stood up to get back to my journey, I thanked her for the food – nourishment for my soul and my body. I couldn’t believe it when she grabbed my arm – and she thanked me. I was the one who rested with her, I let go of my troubles listening to her story, I ravenously ate her food, but yet, she thanked me. She said it was for the look in my eyes as I sat with her. She noticed it was a look of love, a look she hadn’t seen or felt in a long time.

It is at this time that I came to know this truth…To know the suffering of others, we must walk with them. It is a simple path. A path of doing simple things with great love.  MTeresa


Let's talk about that walk...

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