in the moment with spring color

Oh, those April showers and the brilliant May flowers…this morning I took my camera along on my walk.

Stepping outside into the spring canvas that is my neighborhood, I spy an efflorescence of color dotting and layering yesterday’s world. During the night, an unseen artist has been at work – studying, dabbling, laying down hues with patience and perfection. My outdoor world has been magically transformed…from a cloudy grayscale to a wondrous, vibrant, new and improved

Technicolor logo.svg

The artist’s palette delights my eyes, the windows to my soul respond as if opened for the first time. The sensations of brilliant, organic color are infinitely pleasing! I blink, and blink again, I can’t take it in fast enough. Beauty is emerging from the dark, brown earth, and I am filled with an overwhelming wash of gratitude as I walk and witness the careful tint and refinement of each new day.

Look over there…bright, lively, loud trumpets of vigorous yellow, blaring “come look at me, I am narcissus.”


What is that pink against the blue sky? How did the artist find the same color as the black cherry yogurt I eat? Maybe the genius is French, oui? A master mixer, creating a curiously culinary magnolia.

pink magnolia

Stop! In the name of love…I can’t take my eyes off that red.  The Spring stage has a new star…dazzling – with lipstick so red and vivid, those tulips are dangerous!


Would you look at that – the beautiful red headed tree, standing so proud on the parkway. Boasting maple highlights, its bouffant is filling in daily with plugs of crimson, I heard the salon is Japanese.

red tree

Spring is my favorite of all the midwest seasons. To walk outdoors is to observe and be part of a masterpiece in the making. Glimpsing daily the treescape over a street, as the buds and blooms fill in with more and more color, until one day it’s all green up above, framed in blue.

If you can, find 10 minutes today to take a walk – in the moment with spring color! What does the color remind you of?


2 thoughts on “in the moment with spring color

  1. Beautiful flowers! The flowers are just starting to bloom here. We can hardly wait to get out for a walk to see what’s newly blooming each day.


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