Warning: dirty picture

Does anyone recognize this? Take a few moments…

dirty scale

My apologies for posting such a “dirty graphic”. (Seriously, I wrestled long and hard with “should I? Yes -dramatic effect or no, it’s just too grotesque”.)

I know, I know, the dustballs are causing some of you to have immediate respiratory difficulty (I hope you have an inhaler nearby). The layers of crud covering the numbers are causing some to question their eyesight (Quit rubbing, it’ll do no good). And, what about the overall build up of dust, (it’s almost 3-D) how many years has this scale sat here, unloved and unused?

Did you notice the dial? It looks frozen at 190 pounds. Was this a dream goal? Was it the last time it ever weighed someone? Or, is there a ghost upon the machine at the moment the pic was snapped?

I can’t help but wonder about the mop in the left hand corner, the strings are so filthy they are almost black. What could that suggest…was the mopper’s chore so great they needed to weigh themselves after mopping, or perhaps before? Did the mopper weigh themselves one the last time because the dirt and grime was a marathon in itself to remove, and then, and then…it was all over? With nothing left but a dust-caked, musty moment memorialized forever in this dark and dank museum of muck…whoa

…back to reality and the topic of today’s post, which is “let’s dust off those scales.”

There is no better time to show some love to that apparatus of mass measurement than the Spring.

Get it out. Get on it. Get a number and get off.

After this abominable winter, I am still afraid to assess the damage.

Haha,  the weight scale used to scare the life out of me as well, until I started losing weight


5 thoughts on “Warning: dirty picture

  1. Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog. I could use a little inspiration. Do you tweet? I’d follow your daily inspirational quotes to get me moving.


  2. Spring may be the best time to get the old scale out, but only if you enjoy torturing yourself 😝 I recently wrote a post about battles with weight loss as well do I can totally relate! Good luck with your battles against the machine!


    1. Thanks for stopping by. PS. I love your blog. Has anyone ever referred to you as a “modern day Erma Bombeck?” She was my Mom’s favorite – made her laugh out loud daily.


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