some thoughts about inactivity

What if the barriers win? What if our excuses overcome us, prevent us from being and doing what we desperately want?

Today, we look at the dark side. Let me preface this with:  one of my many goals in this blog is to stay positive. To keep the inspiration up and the desperation down!

I try hard not to write about scary stuff, however, when it comes to health, it is out there. Usually, something dramatic calls attention to the fact that we are vulnerable, we get a new symptom that we can’t explain or someone we love gets really sick.  Then, we get scared. We want better control of our health. You might say –  we get scared into action. Unfortunately, there is no age group that is immune from this, sickness does not discriminate.

So, imagine if you will…what your life might look like if you don’t start walking (or exercising) on a regular basis? Let’s start with an annual check-up. Your results indicate you have “metabolic syndrome” (which by the way, can occur in kids and young people.) What is metabolic syndrome? Here are the symptoms…for starters, you might be overweight – BMI over 25. Next, if you smoke or lead a sedentary lifestyle, this can compound the disease with negative effects. High cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high glucose also raise red flags. The icing on the cake – a family history of any first degree relative having an early death from cardiovascular disease. The big three – heart disease, diabetes and cancer lurk in all or a combination of these symptoms.

Here’s the really scary part – imagine the happy smiling, warm faces of all those people you love. Get more specific – pick out one face, your partner, your best friend in the whole world, your favorite niece or nephew, a grandchild. Imagine they get the news you are really sick – think about the fear they will feel. If they love you, they will be scared to lose you. They will worry, get anxious, well, you get the picture. Think about the future. What events in your family do you want to be part of? Marriages, graduations, babies, parties, seeing beautiful young people grow and mature into wonderful loving adults? Or how about you yourself, growing older and wiser with people you love? What is the quality of your life? Are you independent? Able to live where you want?

Time is short. We only realize this as we get older – the time ahead is not endless. Upon this realization, most people start to want to be more present in the moment. Being in the moment with life brings us ever closer to our true spirit. If we listen, our true spirit tells us what we want. Our spirit offers us affirmations for the person we desire to become.

Back to the present and some positive insight- as we begin to recognize and initiate change, we feel relief (and after the above scenario, relief feels pretty good). After all, it is a fact – we control 51% of our health through our health behaviors. We have the power. We can make the change.

Physical inactivity has become a pandemic of sorts. It is now causing more deaths than smoking. Yes, this is a serious health concern for everyone. Even those of us who exercise regularly, if you spend most of your day sitting you could still be affected.

Let's talk about that walk...

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