take a step to self-change

Exercise, Maxine-style

How many times have we used this barrier to put off starting something? I know I have. Either I’m too busy, or I’m too tired, or I”m not in the mood, I tell myself “maybe I’ll do it tomorrow”. Honestly, sometimes I don’t even think of “postponement” as a barrier because my intentions are good.

Wrong! I’ve just been played by the oldest barrier in the book. Barriers hold us back and keep us from experiencing all the best life has to offer. The time has come to answer some new questions…How do we change? How do we find success?

If you are “open to April”, if you have found you are “pro” walking, if you have “knocked down a stone in your barrier wall”, and if you are finally ready to begin to “move a mountain”, then…you are most definitely ready to become (drum roll please…) a “self-changer”.

That’s right, YOU and you alone have the power to become a SELF-changer. How does that work, you ask? Well, since no one is telling you to change, and you are not changing for anyone else, it follows that you are changing because you want to. You have decided to…
Make Time for Yourself!!

Now that you know you value you, and you are the priority, why can’t you walk? Why can’t you make the time? If you truly value this healthy behavior, you can make an affirmation for yourself. An example of an affirmation could be…”I will make time to walk today because I value this healthy behavior for myself”.  Repeating the affirmation in your mind, over and over, will drown out any negative self talk from your barrier. (Feel free to make up your own affirmation. Use any words that will get you walking.)

With this knowledge in mind, take a second look at those barriers. If you are open, choose one of the barriers that seems to be a common one for you. Next, scan the suggestions for improvement (or come up with one of your own). Select one of the tips for overcoming your barrier and see if you can put the suggestion into practice one time this week. Use your affirmation to make it work. You may find – the excuses can’t get in the way. If you are able to get out and walk one time this week, just one time, that is success. Pat yourself on the back. You have taken a first, small, baby step for you.

Self-changers are people who have figured out that small steps result in big outcomes. How does it feel to be a self-changer? Pretty awesome -right?!!!

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