walking – pros and cons

Did you ever consider what would happen to you if you started walking regularly?

Take a moment to think about this, make a list if you want. Divide your list in half, and write “pros ” on one side and “cons” on the other. Then fill it in and see which you have more of. My guess is… at this stage, you might have more cons than pros. This is quite normal.

Let’s take a moment to look at the list further. This time, let’s spend some time re-examining those cons, really give them a good, hard look. Are there some cons that you “might” be able to work around? Hmm, let’s see…that one about “takes too much time”? Let’s think about this…how long does it actually take to walk a mile or less? (That’s right, 10-15 minutes.) So, out of 24 hours in a day, is it possible to squeeze this small amount of time in somewhere? Now the question becomes… where in the day could you try and walk for 10-15 minutes? Do you see how this works? You must be able to badger and question your cons like a prosecuting attorney!

If you are able to successfully impeach a con, let’s do it this way… flip it to a positive statement and slide it over to the pro side. For example, the “not enough time” con becomes “I can find 10 minutes after dinner.”

In all fairness, we spent extra time on the cons, so now we should inspect the updated pro list. As you study your pro list, take it all in.  I mean it…close your eyes, see your list and let your pro statements zoom around in the open emptiness of your mind. Breathe deeply. Allow your self to feel you motivating you. Do you feel the energy beginning? You are planting the seeds of change. Alright, open your eyes.

Now, ask yourself this question… “why am I not sure about starting to walk?”

12 Benefits of Walking


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