socialwalk network

Walking is sometimes my linkedin, facebook, twitter – verse.

From an early age, I happily walked through my 1960’s Chicago neighborhood – greeting and visiting with others.

Photo on 3-14-14 at 7.58 AM

Fast forward to today, and not a lot has changed. When I go outside for daily walks in the park, I always run into neighbors. Because of my walking habit, I am linked in with people from all around the park. I know their families, their dogs and I see their kids grow from year to year.

Sometimes we walk a lap together, and sometimes we stop to exchange a quick tweet of news.

What I enjoy most about this is… it can be so very random. I don’t know who I will bump into or what type of story or news I will learn. Some neighbors share updates about their lives, some ask questions about my life, some just walk and talk about their dogs, the state of the park or nothing in particular. We share happy, we share sad. Somehow, there is safety and support.

I love that it keeps me in touch with people in just the right amount, until I see them again.

Then it’s over. We part ways until the next chance encounter.

Just like checking a newsfeed on Facebook – take what you need and leave the rest.

Remember, you meet people for a reason. Embrace it. Happy #UpliftingFriday

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