As I sit here and type, I look out the window, and the weather is so “uninviting”.

The wind is blowing furiously, it’s cold and frozen looking out there, we have about 4 more inches of new snow.

I have no energy or desire to think about a good outdoor walk, especially when I had to shovel-  shovel cold, wet, heavy snow. It made me sweat.

In my head I am arguing with all the reasons a why a walk would be good today, helpful – especially when I feel so “blah”.

There is an epic struggle going on in my brain. It’s exhausting.

I have been out in much worse weather, so I can’t say it’s the temperature, or the lack of sun. I am just in a mood today.

I know I need the walk, to feel better, more lively, clear my head from the toxic stuff settling in. Spring is coming.

I’m just so comfortable, here in my chair. My warm house.

I want my mind to quit nagging me, stop saying “just 15 minutes today, if that’s all you can muster.”

I wish sometimes my patterns would leave me alone.

That’s the funny thing about behaviors, they can be like annoying pop-up messages, only in the brain.

Go away. Quit bothering me.

Just go Karen, walk your talk. You’ll go for 15 minutes and you know it’ll turn into 45, and you’ll feel different afterwards. Maybe not “happy”, but not so blah, blah blue.

I know. (stupid blog) But it takes soooo much effort. The boots, the coat, find my yaxtrax for the slush and frozen ice. Why not just skip it today?

Maybe you’ll see something, get an idea, need such a focus to walk you’ll get out of your head.

Yeeahh. I guess you’re right. I can’t stand this mood anyway.

Alright. Just 15 minutes though. Once around the neighborhood and I’m done.

Feeling blue

Let's talk about that walk...

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