all my troubles seemed so far away!

Yesterday… it was 46 degrees in Chicago, and the sun was up and out. Full-on at the crack of dawn. Could this winter be moving on?

I saw people. They were out and about everywhere, blinking and sunglassed.

My morning had a purpose, an energy, a happiness of spirit.

Having received an email from my walker friend the night before, we made our plan to walk outside, and I couldn’t wait.

As the morning progressed, I couldn’t help thinking “what will I wear”?

Will it be too cold for shorts?

Whatever the temperature, I won’t need a bunch of layers.

What about my new Spring vest – the one I got for Christmas. That’s it.

The walk was everything I had hoped for.

Five miles in gorgeous, bright sunshine. Melt tinkling and birds chirping.

Oh happy day!


Vintage March
 Solitaire Miles

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