Cue sound effects – “Beep, beep beep…”

“This is the blog interruption service…”

“…with an invitation…to a walk challenge.”

– the smoothie post will return in the next blog post –

“Hear Ye – Hear Ye…

Get out your pedometers, download nike+ to your phone  (it’s free ), or just time yourself with a watch, and let’s get walking – at work, at home, in your basement, with the dog, at the mall, anywhere you can walk to accumulate some miles.”

I have been posting for about 5 months, which means you have been reading for some of that time. The time for action is now! Let’s give it a whirl- make this blog interactive. (very scary for me.) But, enough about me and back to the challenge…

You can walk 3 times a day for 10 minutes, you can walk for an hour everyday, you can walk 3 times a week for 5 miles – whatever combination you can think of, you can put it together.

Keep in mind, about 15 minutes of  walking is about one mile, and burns about 100 calories. If you walk 15 miles a week, and you try not to consume extra calories you will be burning about 1500 extra calories per week. HOORAY!! Eliminate 250 calories (one cookie) each day and you might lose about one pound of body fat for the week. Woo-Hoo!

The reward…

1. There is a possibility, with some discipline and walking creativity, during this timeframe, that you could lose up to 1-2 pounds of body weight. Look out Spring Break – here I come!!!

2. You will be committing yourself to a healthy lifestyle habit – which is good for your heart, prevents diabetes, revs up your killer t-cells to fight off cancer cells, prevents colon cancer, lowers your blood pressure, and strengthens your muscles and bones, etc. etc.

3.  You will feel endorphin power, guaranteed to clear your mind from the winter blues while providing “polar vortex” stress relief.

What do you say? Spring officially starts in 22 days – let’s walk to meet it. Take the challenge for the fun of it and say “Je t’emmerde!” (french f-bomb) to this winter. (sorry, so bad – but so pretty!)

You can search Daily Mile or use the link on my website. It’s free to use and there is absolutely no spam or popups. Create a login (you can even create a fake name, so no one knows who you are), and then go to challenges. In challenges you’ll find “walk 45 miles to Spring” and join the group. Each time you walk, you will have to login and enter your progress. Daily mile will track your workouts. (If you use nike+ you can sync your walks)

You can get to 45 miles anyway you want – doing a lot or a little. Here is a direct link to the challenge –Walk Challenge.    Just look for my shoes.


We will be a supportive group with no judgements. We can add positive comments to one another for motivation.

You can join anytime. You can get your best friend to join, or any of your friends or anyone you know.

You can walk in addition to other workouts, or on off days. Whatever you want.

Feel free to use the comment section on the blog if you need help getting to daily mile or if you need help with anything else. I am happy to help.


It’s time to THINK SPRING!


Let's talk about that walk...

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