IKCdog show

The International Kennel Club was in town this weekend with a cluster of dog shows at McCormick Place.  Too cold and icy to go outside, but warm and sunny when traveling in the car – what a perfect destination for a low intensity indoor walk at a fun event.

Twist my arm (barely) and I am there!

As we reached our destination it was time to drive down into the underground parking garage, but not before getting a glimpse of that beautiful lake – Lake Michigan. Oh! How my heart pounds when I see the Lake. It’s almost time for walks along her sandy shores. But I digress…

lake at McCormick

Into the underground garage, park, walk through two lots to get to the Lakeside center, then through 2 eighth-mile hallways, up a ramp, into the convention center, around a corner, and down a very, very long promenade to the venue. Sheesh! Good thing it’s all inside. We made it, and it was quite the walk.

dog show banner

Get our hands stamped with the coolest stamps ever, and we are in!

dogshow hand stamp 

The McCormick place venue is super huge. A person could rack up miles taking in all there is to be seen. There are rescues, animal shelters, grooming stations, training demonstrations, every kind of dog-related product one could imagine, and of course the dogs. They are everywhere, throughout the venue, walking, visiting, greeting, relaxing and comfortably mingling among all of the people. On the perimeter of the show rings are the breeds and breeders “tail-gating”, prancing, blow drying, primping or just chilling and visiting with the public, allowing snapshots with their rock star pets. The main draw –  the show rings. This is where all of the action takes place.


Big dog alert…it’s no secret that these days, I love the big breeds. We were greeted at the door by the Great Dane rescue. This Dane’s name was Mayhem. What a sweetheart, I can’t imagine how he got his name, or why he hasn’t been adopted.

All he wanted was to do was relax on his bed with some little person petting him.

Rescue danedane on beddane with kid

Once inside, we spent most of our time walking through the breeds looking for the Saint Bernards. To our surprise there was only one. But what a beauty she was. Her name was Izzy and she was a 3 year old ball of fluff.  Large and in charge, all she wanted was to give her paw, her really really big paw…constantly, in the hope someone would take it and start to pet her. She really made me miss my saints. They are such an affectionate breed.

izzyizzy the saint

We found out Izzy would be in the ring in 15 minutes, so after some snapshots we made our way back out into the main area where there were more than 10 rings showcasing the different breeds. As we walked over to the ring where Izzy would show we could see the Giant Schnauzers currently held the stage. Another beautiful and elegant large dog breed, we watched as the judge made the rounds inspecting each dog for posture and cut.


The Schnauzers were in the show ring for about 10 minutes, which gave us enough time to navigate our way through the crowd to get a spot. As we settled in, the Schnauzers were marching out.

Then came Izzy. The only Saint in the parade, she won best in breed easily, and the whole thing took about 5 minutes.

bernard walking

We patted ourselves on the back recognizing our luck and good fortune. Had we slept for 10 extra minutes, or stopped for coffee we would have missed meeting Izzy and seeing her strut her stuff in the show. We have attended several dog shows in the past, and this was the first time we got to see a Saint.

In the car, I checked my walk app and I had logged over 3 miles in steps. Not too bad for an indoor day!


3 thoughts on “IKCdog show

  1. I agree. Totally fun day. First show I had been to. I can’t wait till next year. Thanks for the tickets. I wish I had used my walking app!


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