I took a walk Sunday morning and it was a gift.

A present to my mood, wrapped in tiny winks of sparkle.

Let me backtrack on this. Rewind to Saturday night and time to let the dogs out. As I open the door and glance up at the streetlight I see it. It begins as those flurries in a hurry. You know what I mean…those  swirly little white particles that hastily fall from the sky like it’s a race to the sidewalk. My heart sunk.

“Oh no, more snow?” Just this week, I was starting to see my neighbor’s rooftop. And the shrinking snow piles in my backyard, had me feeling a bit hopeful that melt was beginning. I could feel an ever so slight sinking in my mood. “Maybe it’s just blowing from somewhere, I told myself.”

About 15 minutes later, as I went to let the dogs back in I noticed the snow intensity had increased. Now it was falling like threads of tinsel from the sky. Was this rain or snow? I went outside to check and sure enough it was a type of frozen, glistening, furiously falling snow strand. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it. There was an eye-catching, shimmery kind of beauty, which caused me to pause. My glum mood was definitely distracted by the silvery strobe effect of this unusual weather. But then, in the blink of an eye, the shimmering and glimmering stream changed to fluffy snowflakes. The glitter effect was over, and I was aware of a letdown feeling, because it was snowing…again.

The next morning as I glanced out the window at the walks that needed shoveling, I couldn’t help thinking impatiently, “I wish we were done with all this”. No doubt, there is some “cabin fever” affecting my mood. Will I ever get back out doors for more than just mile long dog walks? I just want to walk outdoors, I don’t want to shovel first for an hour, I don’t want to put on four layers of clothing for a dog walk. That’s it, I’m going – I’m going to treat myself. And I did. I went for a 3 miler. I couldn’t take it anymore – I needed to bust out. That’s when it happened.

About ten minutes into my walk I felt the amazing warmth of the sun-ball on my skin. I actually thought “Hmmm, maybe I could use some sun block.” Holla!!

The rays of the sun were so bright upon the freshly fallen snow that it made the snow sparkle, like millions of baby diamonds strewn on a thick white pillow. Now I thought “Wow, I should have brought sun glasses.” What???

At once, my mood changed, it was bedazzled! My eyes couldn’t stop looking. The open field of snow was twinkling and shimmering, glistening and gleaming. I felt like I was in a storybook land.

As walked on through the Park, the dazzling warm light made the new snow look phosphorescent (like Edward’s face in Twilight). To top it off, all of this brilliance was framed by a lavender sky, not periwinkle, not sky blue, but lavender – like the endless fields of lavender in warm Provence.

Yes my friends, I think the sun is getting warmer when it does come out. I also think we are getting “close to” Spring snows, the kind of snow that is more inclined to melt because the sun is radiating more heat.

My walk flew by and got me out of the doldrums. It made me think about how something as small as a sparkle can lift a ginormous and heavy mood. There is such power in a good walk.

The moral of my story is, every once in awhile we all need sparkle…the sparkle in someone’s eye, the sparkle of a splash of water in sunlight, the sparkle of a midnight star. It’s all here for us if we can step out for a moment and catch the wink of it’s light.

Love it when Snow Sparkles!!!!!!


Let's talk about that walk...

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