Happy Valentine’s Day One and All!

Here’s a suggestion…love yourself with a 10 minute walk today!

Just step out a door. Any door. Where are you going? Who cares. Who knows – just go outside.

It’s a day of hearts – take a heart walk.

Give a present to your heart – with a big red bow of lowered blood pressure in a heart shaped box  filled with less risk of heart disease! (Oh my…too much metaphor???)

Use your eyes as a camera, and snap one beautiful scene on this planet to take back indoors with you. Let your ears play you an outdoor song. What does winter air smell like? Free your mind, open it like a window and let some fresh air blow through. Walk slow and purposeful. Feel your legs generate natural power as they move you. Inhale deeply and slowly, exhale – let go. Be in your being and love the opportunity to do this one small thing for yourself. Celebrate your good fortune.

Have a heart… that you love and take care of.

I love the trails.

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Let's talk about that walk...

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