Walking in the winter makes me hungrier than usual.  With all of the additional outdoor activity (shoveling, snow blowing, walking the dogs etc.) I work up an appetite. One of my favorite lunches is a good, healthy nutrient dense sandwich. (By nutrient dense I mean the sandwich contains more vitamins, minerals, carbs, and protein, compared to the salt, sugar and fat content.)

If I am going to eat a high calorie food, I want it packed with as many nutrients as possible. Think of calories in terms of money – we always want the most value from what our money can buy. Same with our food – think food quality over quantity. I like to prepare my own food as much as possible, because this way I know what’s in it. I can control or modify the stuff I don’t want – excess fat, sugar and salt. Don’t get me wrong – I also love to eat out, I just save those days for when it’s a special occasion or a once a week treat. More importantly, as I always say – we live in an awesome time – there are so many ways to get information about calories and nutrients using online sources.

For instance, I can build a healthy chipotle meal for myself before I go into the restaurant, so that I know exactly what I will order based on my sodium and fat calorie needs. Or, I can go to the portillo’s website and get the all information for a beef sandwich, fries and a drink. You see where I am going with this – we can search restaurants on the web to get nutrition information. We don’t have to live without favorite foods. With a little information, planning and moderation, these foods can be part of a healthy diet.

So back to my sandwich. Using the SparkPeople homepage, (What a nifty site.) I was able to build my sandwich recipe, and find out the nutritional and calorie information. AWESOME! Plus, I can share my recipe and see other shared recipes. Do you have a favorite recipe? Why not type it in and look it up to see if it meets your nutrient needs. Then share it or just save it. It’s all free.

Here’s the link to my sandwich recipe. I call it the “snow shoveling chicken avocado sandwich“. In honor of the winter of 2014!

sandwich 2

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