Have you heard…Apparently there is a new “wonder drug” out there.

“No, tell me more.”

It is touted as something able to prevent and treat more than 40 chronic diseases.

“That’s amazing, but drugs are so expensive, and sometimes my insurance makes it difficult to get what I need.”

Not this wonder drug. It’s available to everyone and there is no cost.

“Well, if it’s free and readily available, how do I know it will work, I’m not crazy about trying something new.”

Research  indicates when compared with traditional drug therapies in heart disease and diabetes, this wonder drug was just as effective as prescription medications.

“OK. But it must be like a trial experiment, do I have to travel to the Mayo clinic or somewhere far away to get it?”

Nope. This wonder drug fits easily into a person’s everyday life. Just open your front door to get access.

“If it’s so good, I know my politicians will argue about it forever. It will take years to get it into the public’s hands.”

Actually, public officials have begun embracing it because of the benefits for their neighborhoods and communities.

“So, what about side effects, there must be a long, scary list.

Sure there are side effects – improved mood, improved blood pressure and blood sugar levels, weight control, stress and anxiety relief, reduced risk of osteoporosis, helps prevent demetia, tones up the body, boosts vitamin D, and gives you energy, and this is just the short list.”

“You’ve got my attention…what is this wonder drug?”

Surprise! The “wonder drug” is called walking.

Can I have his job when I grow up? Please? I used to think that all the time when I was a lil girl. Now I'm in Med school ;)

Let's talk about that walk...

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