Tips to Survive the Extreme Cold

Once again, we Chicagoans are under the  grip of ‘the polar vortex.’

Well actually, it’s not THE polar vortex, but an outer ring of bone-chilling cold and arctic temperatures pushing down from Canada.

This time it seems, it’s going to hang around for about a week. Oh joy!

Since I am not good at hibernating, I’ll be planning indoor workouts. Besides, while hibernation works well for bears, it is not so healthy for people.

Unlike animals, humans need to keep moving as there is a strong correlation to inactivity and heart disease, obesity, and fatigue. Physical activity does not have to stop when the temperature drops.

As much as I want to curl up on the couch and binge-watch a netflix series, or read a good book, or work on my computer for hours on end until the “vortex” goes away, I know it’s not good for me. Now, is when it is most important to plan ahead in order to keep myself moving.

To start, I will definitely make a plan to exercise indoors each day this week. I can have a bag packed ready to go to the fitness center waiting near my door. Maybe I’ll alternate going to the indoor track three days this week with some Leslie Sansone videos on the alternate days. I look forward to choosing a video from her youtube workouts. There is such a nice variety of walk distances and strength training or ab work. We live in an awesome time – when we can bring free and quality exercise into our home or office.

Next, just in case I should find myself in a sitting activity which is holding me in a chair for more than an hour, I will try to get up every twenty minutes and walk around or do some sets of my favorite exercise or stretch for about 10 minutes. I keep a list by my computer and during each break I pick one exercise to do. This way, I am getting some strength training during my day as well, without getting all sweaty. You can make your own list or visit pinterest.  (Warning – visiting pinterest can be hazardous to your health because you will find so much great stuff.) I picked out this list for myself because it contains many exercises I do already.

My daily exercise routine
If I need further motivation as I plan my day, I might check out the Calorie burn calculator. I can select an activity, plug in my weight and the number of minutes I am active to get an idea of how many calories I’m burning. Then if the polar vortex makes me crave a sweet…well, I deserve it!
Alright polar vortex, it’s on! With some pre-planning and preparation there will be no hibernation happening here!

Let's talk about that walk...

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