There are times I need to be creative in order to stay dedicated to my goals.

“Winter advisory in effect for the Chicagoland area.”

“Life – threatening cold temperatures.”

“Do not go outside if you don’t have to!”

“Below zero temps with dangerous wind chills. Danger of frostbite!”

Alright, I get the message. If I walk outdoors longer than 10 minutes –  there is a risk for frostbite. If I think about going out to the gym – my car may not start or I could get stranded. Looks like I am homebound- again.

OK, what are my choices? I could take a day off, but I was homebound yesterday because of the temps and even though I used the elliptical I felt like the whole rest of the day was a day of rest. I’m beginning to go stir crazy – I need something more. I could use the elliptical again today – more frequently throughout the day, but that would be my last choice because it aggravates a very tight IT band I have. How do I stay committed to my goal with all of these extra challenges? How do I stay positive, enthusiastic and on track with my planning? I’ve finally managed to overcome my own excuses for not doing what I want, and now it seems as though the universe is conspiring to disrupt my newly found perseverance.

When the going gets tough, the tough go to the internet! Sooo….guess what I found on youtube?

Exercise TV/Start walking at home 1 mile with Leslie Sansone

How awesome is this? All I keep thinking today is “how nice of Leslie Sansone, and youtube and exercise TV to provide me with this indoor walking escape.” We live in a wonderful time.

Guess what else? This video is only the beginning, there are more videos – up to 5 miles.

What do I like about the videos?

Here are some of my favorite features – they are from a certified exercise professional; they start out teaching the steps -simply; they have a nice countdown; there’s music and it’s a colorful faux-group experience. What more could a homebound exerciser ask for? I know – probably a hot tub with a smoothie to follow.

Ahhh- life threatening weather – I spit in your face! (Ooo – probably not a good idea, as it would only blow back in my face.)

OK then – Bazinga! Dangerous wind chills – I gotcha! (with the help of Leslie Sansone, of course)



Let's talk about that walk...

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