Yesterday I woke up to a  dramatic and breathtaking sunrise – a cloud quilt of bumpy purple pillows stitched in molten orange atop a bed of bursting golden fireball.

Can you tell I have been craving the sun?

The light, the warmth, and the cheerfulness the yellow ball brings, only three more days until the shortest day of the year, and then we begin getting more light.

One of the greatest perks I have these days is being able to get outdoors to walk when the sun is beaming. It makes me so happy. This particular sunrise was like a commercial for the day about to begin. Immediately I started looking forward to a walk.

I love sunlight and I love the outdoors – can there be a better planet to walk around on?

I am quick to notice how my daily afternoon walks are releasing those “feel good chemicals” into my brain. With the winter days shorter and darker, I have a tendency to sometimes feel tired and sluggish (winter blues?) in the afternoon. After a walk in the bright sunshine and crisp cold air, I am motivated again to charge into whatever after-lunch chores I tend to put off.

It has been about a month since I started walking regularly, and I’m finding that walking makes me happy. I no longer think of it as a chore I have to fit into my day;  instead, I look forward to it. Research says this is supposed to happen. When a good habit gives us positive feelings we want to repeat it. Dopamine and seratonin are chemicals in the brain -neurotransmitters which affect mood, energy and overall well-being.

I now have around 70 miles toward my holiday 100.

Look-out “winter blues” – “brain bliss” is taking over!



2 thoughts on “sun

  1. That’s a beautiful picture and I love how you described it. I have seasonal affective disorder (found you through the circadian rhythm tag), so I know how you feel about seeing the sun again! I have yet to get over the “feels like a chore” hump to get started on regular exercise, though, and now that it’s so cold out…
    Glad to see I’m not alone, though!


  2. Hi Ruth,
    Thank you for your comment on the picture. Just remember you are one only step away from starting exercise – if you see that sun..get out there and soak some up. It might help. You are not alone, those winter blahs get to me too.


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