yaktrax are awesome!

The company notes they are named after the sure-footed Tibetan Yak. These lightweight shoe add-ons provide extreme outdoor traction, combining rubber and coils in a way that ensures stable footing on slick, icy surfaces. There are different styles for different activities from walking and jogging, to extreme winter hiking and skiing.

Yesterday’s 4 mile walk was after a three-inch snowfall. The walk was my first winter walk as a retiree and I couldn’t have appreciated it more. It was about 11:00 in the morning with bright sunshine and an intermittently blue sky.

I felt like I was on vacation in Chic-orado!  (a Colorado type of morning, but in Chicago – without the mountains of course)


The beautiful sunny morning had a windchill, which meant there were icy spots. Most sidewalks in my neighborhood get shoveled, but every so often one is not. Walking with the yaktrax on the bottom of my shoes gives me unbeatable traction. (Kind of like when one drives through mountain passes in the winter and chains are required for tires to prevent slipping.) The rubber yaktrax are so easy to stretch over the bottom of my gym shoes or any other shoes I want to use them on. They also come in handy when walking the dogs.

yax trax       yax in snow

I felt sure-footed walking at a brisk pace, and with the wind chill I needed to walk fast to stay warm. I am more than happy with this product. I think they cost around think $20.00 which I feel is a very good price for stability . (One note of caution – when walking indoors – be careful because they can be very slippery on tile or wood floors.)

The combination of gore-tex shoes, smartwool socks and the yaktrax gave me and my feet no excuse to miss my walk after the first wintry snowfall and significant windchill of the season. Especially since I’m at 40 miles toward my holiday 100. Woo-hoo!


4 thoughts on “yaktrax

  1. We have these things and they are very useful in Hokkaido. I didn’t know they had a name.
    I have walked 8 of the last nine days – 42 kilometers (I didn’t go out Sunday because it was like a blizzard outside). I think 100 miles is about 161 km, so with 21 days left, I need to be doing a bit more every day. Thanks for challenging me!


    1. Way to get your walks in! The holiday 100 challenge is fun for me also!
      PS. I love the Monday morning star count! I will be sad when it’s over. (how wild that the last strip didn’t fit unless you turned it over, geometry – sheesh!)


      1. If I ever get it finished, I’m sure another project will take its place. I’m working on it for a few minutes this morning before I go to my English class at the university.


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