photo op

Walks can lead to incredible moments.

What can I say – they happen all the time to me, these crazy moments, when I least expect them. I can’t help but wonder why they always seem to happen when I am out in the world, unawares in my “Elmer Fudd” style hat, wearing a pair of “hanging around the house doing chores” jeans? My brush with fame never happens when I am dressed to the nines! That’s life – I guess.

Anyway – one morning this past month I was out for a 2 mile walk with Phoebe. We were ending our walk with a loop through Brooks Park. While walking through the park, we happened to pass by one of the park entrances which was all set up for some kind of media thing. There were sound guys and a podium, surrounded by a bunch of blue garbage trucks and recycling bins. I asked one of the sound guys what was going on? He said Mayor Rahm Emanuel would be stopping by very soon for a press conference to announce blue recycling bins coming to our ward! Wow, I thought! But… guess who left her phone at home? Darn – no pictures!

Sure enough, within moments of him telling me, a couple of big black cars pulled up and a bunch of people dressed very nice stepped out. There were some TV reporters I recognized, the alderwoman and one or two assistants and photographers. By now, some neighbors saw the commotion and came over as well. I couldn’t leave – I had to stay and listen to his speech, mainly because this never happens, no one important ever comes to our park or our neighborhood. Phoebe sat down and we both settled in, in the background next to a tree. The speech was short and sweet and to the point. It was all over in a flash.

When the mayor was done talking I couldn’t believe it – he made a beeline straight toward Phoebe. She was so good. He came over and said hello to her, he patted her on the head and then he shook my hand. I was so impressed. In the next moment they all loaded up into their cars and were gone – like it never happened. Luckily for me, one of the sound guys lives in my neighborhood and he took some pictures which he later emailed to me. I was so grateful.

You never know what a walk will lead to!



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