It’s time for a challenge and I have found one.

One of the friends I walk with sent me information about some upcoming 5K’s. Included in the mail was a notice about a 100 mile challenge – #runchi Holiday Hundred. The goal is to run or walk 100 miles between Thanksgiving and New Years Day.

This idea motivates me tremendously, particularly because it is the holiday season and I find myself unable to resist sampling the tempting bakery and comfort food so readily available. It doesn’t help that we are in the time of year with the shortest days and the most darkness which usually means a little more “couch time” in my life than usual. I will admit, sometimes I have taken the month of December off – indulging in calories without counting, and not worrying much about exercise. Why do I do this? Because January is just around the corner. And I, like everyone else, will make those typical new year’s resolutions – to lose a few pounds, exercise more and eat healthier. Guess what? This December will be different.

As I happily went to sign up for the holiday hundred, I was directed to a website called dailymile. Once I logged in and signed up I absolutely loved exploring the site. There are lots of different “challenges” to join. Hard ones, long ones, easy ones and everything in between. The website says it is “a social experience for active people, who would like to encourage and inspire others, while achieving goals. Members share workouts and stories”. What a great idea! There is even a section to compete or train with friends.

As I reflect back on one of my previous posts – thinking, I realize the dailymile website could be helpful to people to get out and walk daily for their health.  I placed a widget at the side/bottom of this blog to share my dailymiles. I know it’s already motivated me in my last three workouts. Yesterday, I drove up to Evanston to walk by the Lake. It was almost 50 degrees outside. I can bet there will not be too many more of these days when there is no bone-chilling wind and Lake Michigan is a steel blue calm.

I had a great walk in some tepid sunshine. Yes, I’m ready for my challenge!



2 thoughts on “dailymile

  1. You are an inspiration. A couple of weeks ago, I saw something form Runner’s World about running a mile a day every day between Thanksgiving and New Year’s and I thought about it. Then, it snowed, and snowed some more. I know, excuses, excuses. Okay, if I started today and did 3 or 3 and half miles a day from now until New Year’s, could I do 100 miles? How many kilometers is 100 miles? Maybe I could figure it all out. Mmm, I think I’ll go put my shoes and coat on….


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