turkey trot

Every Thanksgiving Day morning Edison Park hosts a 5k turkey trot . This year was the 17th annual. I am only in my 2nd year of participation.

Since it’s Chicago, it’s usually a very cold and windy morning. I am the one who cooks in our family and on past trot days I have been very happy to stay home in my nice warm kitchen, occasionally breaking away from making the stuffing to wave and cheer at the participants as they pass by the front of my house. Recently though, I have discovered that with some pre-planning and pre-cooking I can participate in the 5k and still get home in time to pop the bird in the oven.

For the past two years, I have met with some friends and we happily walk our way around my neighborhood, catching up on each others lives as we pass the time.

Jan at turktrot

We also really enjoy seeing people who have that “extra turkey day spirit”!turkeyheads

My goal this winter is to participate in a couple more of these organized walks. I think they will give my daily training some purpose. And…you can’t beat a visit with friends!

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