On occasion my walk takes place at dawn with my dog – and in the morning stillness it’s brand new.

This morning I shared a walk in the park with Phoebe my young Saint Bernard. Trying to be present in the moment, I focused on her and was absorbed by what she engaged with on our walk. There was frost on the grass- some of the first of the season, and she was happy. She had a smile on her face from ear to ear as she looked at me then broke out into a galloping run, circling around me at the end of the radius of her leash. When she finally stopped after about 4 laps, panting and happy, her breathe came out on the air in little puffs. She then dove into the frosty grass and wiggled around on her back for quite a few seconds. Her reverie ended with her righting herself up and into a standing position, giving a good shake of her lanky body and then looking at me with happy eyes as if to say “thanks Mom, we can go now.”

As we continued through the park the sky began to lighten and fill with various shades of purple and orange color. There was a wind whipping around and through the trees, yellow and red leaves were snowing down upon us. In between smells, Phoebe would look up, catch site of a swirling leaf and chase it, pawing the leaf when it landed as if she were a cat coaxing it to move again. Together, we walked for about a mile and  for me, seeing the morning through Phoebe’s eyes was so simple and happy and beautiful I never wanted this dawn to end.

No matter how many times I walk through this park it is never the same for me.



Let's talk about that walk...

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