If I step out my front door, I can walk. I can walk anywhere I choose.

Living on the northwest side of Chicago presents me with an almost overwhelming set of possibilities. Therefore, the easiest choice I can make without spending too much time planning or thinking is to take a walk in my neighborhood park which is located just outside my front door.

Brook’s Park is literally across the street from my house. For this, I am grateful. In the park, there is an easy 1/2 mile loop, encircling some open athletic fields, tennis courts, and the backsides of homes. For a neighborhood park, it has some ‘very pleasing to the eye’ green space and quite a few elements of nature – a number of beautiful old trees with plenty of colorful bushes, where squirrels and birds can be observed engaging in their daily chores and routines. Another nice feature of the park is the likelihood of bumping into fellow neighbors who might also be walking.

Some of what I enjoy most about walking with another person is how the walking time goes by much faster. Usually, this happens when there is the opportunity to have a conversation – and, much like the walk – a person does not always know where the conversation will lead.  For example, last week I walked with a neighbor, and we had some very loose goals for our walk – maybe an hour or so, maybe a couple of miles, we would see how we felt. As it would turn out, we became immersed in conversation, walking and talking unaware of time or our route or even our distance. When it came time to check, we had surpassed all of our goals without even trying.

Best part of the walk – the conversation. We talked about… beginning things. And…here I am – motivated to  – just start blogging.


Let's talk about that walk...

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